EFF to SA: Avoid ‘capitalist, opulent performance of riches’ this Christmas

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has wished South Africans a “revolutionary” merry Christmas.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the party also called on citizens to shun “opulent performance of riches” this festive season.

It evoked the symbolism of Jesus Christ being born in “a stable, on a manger, to stranded migrant parents on transit to partake in a tax census.”

‘The poor and landless’

EFF said, “Under these conditions, the birth of the Messiah immediately identifies with the poor and landless who are without access to healthcare, shelter, food, water and other basic needs.

“It is the duty of revolutionaries to mobilise this progressive reading of this symbolism against the capitalist, consumerist, egotistical, selfish, opulent performance of riches that has become the order of the day during festive seasons.”

The party said remembering Jesus Christ “is to remember the poor, the inequalities and injustices of the capitalist order of things.”

It added that no one must go without food or shelter and urged South Africans to have a “revolutionary spirit of selflessness and generosity.”

Bethlehem ‘an occupied territory’

The EFF added, “Finally, let us remember that Bethlehem, the historic city of Jesus’ birth, is an occupied territory by the modern apartheid state of Israel.”

It reiterated Palestine’s call for the international community to isolate Israel through boycotts and sanctions until Palestine is free.

Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema revealed in a question-and-answer session with his Instagram followers on Sunday that he will spend Christmas at his late grandmother’s house in Seshego, Limpopo.

He said he will also host a community thanksgiving event in the same area on Boxing Day.

Malema held a similar event in 2018 and donated a tractor to the community for farming.

However, amaBhungane reported in September that Afrirent, a company that won a R1billion fleet contract with the City of Johannesburg, allegedly paid for the tractor.

Afrirent denied the allegation, while Malema has consistently dismissed amaBhungane‘s reports as the work of “Stratcom.”

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