Samkele Maseko to eNCA’s Kanthan Pillay: ‘You threw me out like a dog’

Image credit: Twitter/Samkele Maseko

Popular political reporter Samkele Maseko has come out guns blazing on Twitter against Kanthan Pillay, his former boss at eNCA.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, Maseko accused Pillay of throwing him out of the eNCA building “like a dog” and “censoring political talk.”

Maseko announced his abrupt departure from eNCA on Tuesday, sparking speculation of a fallout with the management.

‘Disrespect for an African Black Child’

He explained that he had simply left for “greener pastures,” adding that he couldn’t serve notice “as per their [eNCA] decision.”

However, his tweets on Wednesday suggested a far more dramatic exit. He quoted one of Pillay’s tweets several times. The tweet, which Pillay posted on Tuesday, said, “Rats swimming toward a sinking ship. #EarlyXmasGift.”

In his first response to Pillay’s tweet, Maseko wrote, “The disrespect you have for an African Black Child is appalling. You have no sense of appreciation, none whatsoever.

“We are not here to play politics and settle political scores with the EFF like you are doing. Busy censoring political talk and instructing things to [be] taken off air.”

‘Censoring’ of allegations against Gordhan

In subsequent tweets, Maseko added, “Do you want me to speak about how you instructed that @MYANC MP Bongani Bongo be censored by removing all the allegations he made at Minister Pravin Gordhan?

“What happened to a simple journalism principle of two sides to a story? Getting both parties to answer for themselves?

“Do want me to speak about how you threw me out of the @eNCA building like a dog who had stolen something?

“How you came to my desk and said I should pack my [stuff] and follow you to HR? You are heartless and unethical. Denying some[one] a chance to serve a notice period.”

‘Settling political scores’

An apparently incensed Maseko wasn’t done and posted even more tweets, “Listen here and listen good, you may be pulling strings there at @eNCA but you will refer to your family as Rats and not Black African Children.

“Settle your political scores using eNCA but disrespect us for dumping ship led by a failed politician.

“Want to speak about how you canned an SAA story saying a journalist is an imbongi [poet] of the workers, wanting journalists to find faults with workers at all costs whilst protecting bosses?”

Pillay has not yet responded to Maseko’s tweets. He is the founder and a leader of the Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP), also known as the Purple Cow.

His appointment to a senior management role at eNCA, which was announced in October, raised eyebrows on social media.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi commented at the time that the appointment meant “eNCA is doomed for good.”

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