SA has ‘most expensive home fibre internet connections in 62 surveyed countries’

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South Africa has one of the most expensive home fibre internet connections in the world, according to a survey by Picodi South Africa.

Picodi’s survey featured 233 fibre internet service providers operating in 62 countries, Business Insider reports.

Out of these countries, local providers charge the most for 100 Mbps home uncapped fibre internet.

R1,273.84 monthly bill

South Africans with such internet connections pay an average of R1,273.84 ($87.24) in their monthly bills.

The second most expensive country for home fibre internet is Iceland at R1,008.24 ($69.05) followed by Norway at R993.64 ($68.51).

The least expensive countries are in Eastern Europe, with people in Modlova paying as little as R146 ($10) and Russians just R117 ($8) for similar connections.

Picodi calculated South Africa’s average price from five service providers – Active Fibre, Axxess, Webafrica, SkyFi and Vanilla.

Competition Commission on mobile data

The survey mirrors a finding by the Competition Commission of South Africa this week that mobile data prices in the country are  too high and reflect “a bias against the poor.”

The report singled out Vodacom and MTN for their high data prices, especially in the prepaid option.

Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele said the prices are higher than in many other markets in the world, adding, “We think there is scope to reduce these prices in the region of 30-50%.

“We have decided we will give the industry two months to act on these recommendations, failing which we will consider a prosecution for excessive pricing.”

However, MTN indicated on Wednesday that it disagreed with the Commission’s findings and would oppose the recommendations if they are  “over-broad and intrusive.”

Vodacom similarly voiced its disagreement, saying it had reduced its effective data price by about 50% since March 2016.

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