BLF opens up membership to all – if they agree ‘SA belongs to black people’

Image credit: Twitter/Black First Land First

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement has resolved to open up membership to all – subject to certain conditions.

Prospective members must agree that South Africa “belongs to black people” and that it “was stolen from black people by white people.”

BLF took the resolution at a special policy conference held in Durban over the weekend to discuss its recent deregistration as a political party by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

‘1994 Constitution is anti-black’

Section 16(1)(c) of the Electoral Commission Act bars the IEC from registering a political party that excludes membership on the basis of race, colour or ethnicity.

Previously, Article 4 of BLF’s constitution stated that membership was restricted to only black people. The organisation resolved to amend that Article over the weekend.

Other conditions BLF imposed on prospective members include an agreement that white people are “not indigenous people of this country” because they arrived in 1652 and that they are therefore “colonialists” who implemented apartheid.

Furthermore, they would have to agree that “the 1994 Constitution is anti-black and must be replaced by a pro-black constitution of redress.”

“White people must not only return the stolen land, they must also pay reparations to black people for colonialism and apartheid,” the organisation added.

Seek registration with IEC

BLF further resolved to seek registration with the IEC “without abandoning its pro-black” stance and to register as a civil society organisation as well.

In its declaration, the special conference reiterated BLF’s commitment to “struggle by any means necessary to overthrow the current constitutional dispensation, which is pro-white.”

It also recognised BLF’s commitment to struggle for a “pro-black constitution” because “the law, as it is currently structured, favours white power.”

Despite opening up its membership to all, BLF still said in the declaration that it “has no obligation to accept members of the oppressor group as its members.”

“There is no ethical or ideologically sound reason to believe that white people can ever be allies of black people in our fight for liberation,” it said.

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