11 awesome Game Black Friday deals on electronics and appliances

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Black Friday 2019 is here and as expected, Game stores have come up with awesome deals for shoppers looking to make huge savings.

The retail giant has spread out its Black Friday deals over several days, with some deals in fact expiring before 29 November when thousands of shoppers are expected to flock into stores.

We compile some of these awesome Game Black Friday 2019 deals on electronics and appliances below.


In case you’re looking for a laptop, you could save R1,000 by opting for an HP 15.6″ Intel Core i3 Notebook for R5,999 from an initial price of R6,999. Offer is valid until 28 November.

The price for an I-LIFE 17.3″ Touch Screen Intel Celeron All-In-One laptop has also dropped from R5,999 to R3,499, a huge saving of R2,500. Offer is valid until 28 November.

TV sets

The LG – 55″ UHD Smart TV is now priced at R7,999 from R8,999, a saving of R1,000 with the offer valid until 28 November.

You could also opt for a Telefunken 43″ FHD LED TV TLEDD-43FHD, which is retailing at R2,999 down from R3,999. Offer is valid until 28 November.

Alternatively, you could save R1,500 by choosing the Hisense 55″ UHD Smart TV priced at R6,999 down from R8,499. This offer is available until 2 December.


Up until 28 November, you could get a Hisense 8Kg Front Loader Washing Machine WFHV8012S for just R3,999, down from R4,999.

For those interested in a high-end fridge, a Hisense 610L SXS Fridge H700SI-IDL is priced at R11,999, a whopping R3,000 drop from R14,999. Offer valid until 28 November.

The Hisense 359L B.F Fridge INOX H359BI is a little friendlier to the pocket at R3,699. You would save R1,000 because its normal price is R4,699. The offer is up until 28 November.

The Hisense 670L SXS Fridge H670SI-WD, normally priced at R11,999, now goes for R8,999, saving you R3,000. You have until 28 November to get it.


Until 28 November, an AEG – 60cm Oven and hob set is priced at R3,999, down R1,500 from its normal price of R5,499.

Gas users could save R2,000 by buying the DEFY 5 Burner Gas Electric Stove for R8,999. The offer is valid until 28 November, when it will presumably go back to its normal price of R10,999.

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