EFF asks members to pass proposals for African federal govt, army, 1 currency

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has asked its members to consider passing resolutions calling for an African federal government and army as well as one African currency.

These proposals are contained in the party’s discussion document for its second National People’s Assembly (NPA) set for 13-16 December in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

Thousands of branch delegates are expected to elect EFF’s national leadership and pass resolutions on a range of issues at the Assembly.

‘Pan-Africanism and progressive internationalism’

In a chapter titled “Economic Freedom Fighters, Pan-Africanism and Progressive Internationalism,” the EFF urges its members to “take note of the need for a continental and diaspora-wide Pan-African Movement.”

It adds, “The EFF must resolve that for complete unification of the African continent, there must be one currency for all the countries of the continent.

“The conference must further resolve to have one African language at least, Kiswahili as a recommendation, to be developed fully and be integrated into school curriculums with the aim of making the language a common language of communication in Africa. 

“The EFF must agitate for a united African continent, with one federal government and army, and affirm the higher authority of the Pan-African Parliament as the ultimate legislative body for continental matters.”

‘Elimination of unnecessary borders’

The party has urged the Assembly to call for a “continental and diaspora Pan-African Congress” to discuss these and other proposals to strengthen African unity.

It says it “will also advocate for the ultimate integration of the African continent through the erosion and eventual elimination of unnecessary borders” such as those separating South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

The EFF also vows to promote socialism internationally because “socialism will never work if still confined to nation states.”

It added, “Therefore, the EFF must unashamedly be in solidarity with all revolutionary forces, and support attempts to overthrow imperial regimes and usher in progressive governments.”

When EFF leader Julius Malema was still President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), he controversially said the ANCYL would establish a “Botswana command team” to unite oppositional forces in Botswana to oppose the “puppet regime” of then President Ian Khama.

Other “internationalist” proposals in the document include expansion of the United Nations Security Council and a “complete withdrawal from the International Criminal Court by all African nations.”

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