Malema posts selected pics of Rupert’s braai with ‘the real Springboks’

Image credit: Twitter/Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has posted selected pictures from billionaire Johann Rupert’s braai with the Springboks on Twitter.

Malema posted the images on Thursday along with the caption, “The owner of South Africa had a braai with the real Springboks team at his place. #Unity.”

He was seemingly reiterating the EFF’s controversial stance against celebrating the Boks’ World Cup win because, according to them, it represents “false unity.”

Twitter user post “left out” photos

The pictures Malema posted showed Rupert posing with white current and former Springboks players.

However, several Twitter users replied to his tweet with photos of Rupert posing with the team’s black players as well.

It’s unclear whether the EFF’s leader’s omission of the other pictures was deliberate or not.

Nevertheless, he pinned the tweet on top of his profile and had not removed it several hours after posting it.

EFF not buying “unity” narrative

Since the Springboks won the World Cup, the EFF has made it clear that it has not bought into the “unity” narrative.

Its spokesperson, Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, sparked controversy on social media with several tweets about the narrative.

In one of them, he wrote, ““We are pushing against all efforts to pull a 1994/1996 on us AGAIN. We will not take the sleeping tablets of Rugby euphoria AGAIN.

“We will be better than our parents; we choose to feel the PAINFUL TRUTH of our wretched conditions. WE REFUSE UNITY WITHOUT EQUALITY AND THE LAND.”

Earlier this week, EFF also objected to a motion in Parliament to recognise and celebrate the Boks’ historic win.

Despite their protestations, however, throngs of South Africans from all backgrounds lined up streets across the country to hail the players during their victory tour.

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