Whoa! Sho Madjozi absolutely loses it as John Cena surprises her on TV

Image credit: YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

Sho Madjozi literally couldn’t see WWE star John Cena as he snuck up behind her while she performed the hit song John Cena on TV on Thursday.

Madjozi was appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show in the US when she got the surprise of her life – and her reaction was absolutely epic.

Before performing, the local star spoke about how much she wanted to meet John Cena. Despite the song taking the world by storm, they were yet to meet, she said.

‘I love him a lot’

Madjozi added, “I love him. I don’t know man. I don’t know what will happen because if I see him I’m gonna [lose it]. I love him a lot, yeah.”

Well, little did she know that the same John Cena she couldn’t see was about to pull a real fast one on her. Watch the epic moment below.

Sho Madjozi first performed John Cena for COLORSXSTUDIOS, a music platform that showcases talent from around the world, in August.

It became an instant hit globally, getting rave reviews from such legends as US musical legend Missy Elliot.

John Cena also danced to the hit song in September when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also walked out to a WWE match while the song played recently.

Local fans react

Naturally, Mzansi fans are beaming with pride on social media at Sho Madjozi basking in the global limelight.

@Kimo_NK tweeted, “My gosh… I’m so damn proud of Sho Madjozi. This girl deserves all the greatness [and] all the praises. She finally met John Cena!”

“Sho Madjozi wearing istofi on a western platform is my favourite moment. Her not conforming to how revealing you should wear in order to appeal to the popular culture is a W for African culture,” added @DayoDarkie.

Others, such as actress Hulisani Ravele, remarked just how great this week has been for South Africa.

She wrote, “Between the Boks, Sho Madjozi meeting John Cena, the #KFCProposal’s wedding preparations, I am a proudly-overjoyed-ALL-UP-IN-MY-FEELS South African citizen.

“Si awesome yaz’! Sure, we have our multitude of issues, but shoo, just for today, just for this week, let’s be.”

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