Skinny Sbu inspires thousands with amazing pitch to Ramaphosa

Image credit: Twitter/Skinny Sbu; The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa

Sibusiso Ngwenya, popularly known as Skinny Sbu, has inspired thousands of South Africans on Twitter after making a surprise pitch to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday.

Sbu shared a video of himself introducing his brand of socks, Skinny Sbu Socks, to Ramaphosa on the sidelines of the SA Investment Conference 2019.

He captioned his video, “I’m Proud to ANNOUNCE that President @CyrilRamaphosa is now the owner of Africa’s Number 1 Sock Brand @skinnysbusocks.”

‘My name is Sbu, I’m skinny and I sell socks’

In just about 30 seconds, Sbu managed to get the President’s attention, introduce his brand and hand over complimentary pairs of socks.

The determined entrepreneur made sure to use his signature line for memorable effect, “My name is Sbu, I’m skinny and I sell socks.”

Skinny Sbu started his business in 2013. Within just a year, he started distributing his socks to Johannesburg’s boutiques.

The brand is now widely available on several e-commerce platforms, including, as well as at selected Markham stores nationwide.

Thousands inspired

Sbu’s video has gone viral, racking up more than 9,000 likes and 3,000 retweets so far. Twitter users hailed his determined and effective pitch.

DJ Sbu replied, “Keep going Bitso. These brands ain’t gonna grow themselves Sbuda. Let’s keep doing doing the things bro. Proud of you.”

Maps Maponyane added, “How badly do you REALLY want it!? Well you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and even put yourself out there! Brilliant my brother! Your passion will always have any of those that give you half a chance, Sold!”

“Brilliant surprise pitch. You didn’t waste your 30 seconds – straight to the point. Your dreams are valid brother; keep hustling. Also, let us know how and where we can purchase your socks,” wrote @IamLadyElle.

Bazi Sindane said, “Honestly this is what Shooting Your Shot means. Bro, this is mad inspiring fam! Your Hustle is on another level. Keep at it, and Keep it up. All the Best for your in the future!!”

Dozens of Twitter users have already indicated that they will soon buy the brand. Excellent piece of marketing, Skinny Sbu!

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