‘We refuse unity without equality:’ Ndlozi insists – and earns Malema’s support

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters South Africa + Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has continued posting controversial tweets about the Springboks’ World Cup win.

On Monday, Ndlozi fired off several posts justifying his non-celebration of the historic triumph, insisting that there can be no unity without equality.

He wrote, “We are pushing against all efforts to pull a 1994/1996 on us AGAIN. We will not take the sleeping tablets of Rugby euphoria AGAIN. We will be better than our parents; we choose to feel the PAINFUL TRUTH of our wretched conditions. WE REFUSE UNITY WITHOUT EQUALITY AND THE LAND.”

‘Black excellence, not racial unity’

In another tweet, Ndlozi said, “What is apartheid; a system in which the white minority creates conditions that make the black majority satisfy themselves of being a minority.

“Careful because some blacks actually enjoy being the “only” blacks on top; the minority on top – it’s called the house n***** syndrome!”

The controversial member of parliament wasn’t done. In yet another post, he reminded his followers that South Africa remains the most unequal country in the world.

“We call this #BlackExcellence, NOT RACIAL UNITY. Because we recognise that Siya lifts a trophy for the most unequal nation in the world. A place where the white minority lives every day from the exploitation of blacks. He is part of this reality even as he lifts this trophy!” he wrote.

Julius Malema supports

EFF leader Julius Malema expressed support for Ndlozi, tweeting, “I don’t know why @MbuyiseniNdlozi is trending but I agree with him.”

Ndlozi kicked off a social media furore on Saturday with a series of tweets that were seemingly aimed at dampening the euphoria after the Springboks’ win.

His tweet congratulating captain Siya Kolisi only and “the rest go get your congratulations from Prince Harry” particularly drew condemnation from Twitter users.

Speaking to Jacaranda FM, Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader John Steenhuisen said Ndlozi was “upset” at the sight of South Africans of all races “pulling together.”

He said, “I think what gives the parties like the EFF and people like Mr Ndlozi chest pains is when they see South Africans of all cultures, all races, celebrating something together.”

However, others came to Ndlozi’s defence. Twitter user @UnmovedLee wrote, “I love nonconformists. Only dead fish go with the flow. I like those who swim against the current.

“I’m not EFF by mistake. Agitate. Upset the establishment. Revise the narrative. Write a different story. Stand away from the crowds.”

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