Sjava pursuing Lady Zamar’s abuse claims ‘through formal legal channels’

Image credit: Twitter/Sjava; Lady Zamar

Popular singer Sjava has finally reacted to Lady Zamar’s allegations that he abused her.

In a Twitter post on Friday, Sjava said, “I am aware of the false allegations relating to abuse and assault contained in tweets by Yamikani Banda (Lady Zamar) on 29 October 2019 and the media articles based on those allegations.

“On the advice of my legal advisors, I am pursuing the matter through formal legal channels.”

‘I was lied to’

Earlier this week, Lady Zamar went public with a Twitter thread alleging that she endured abuse at the hands of Sjava when they were still dating.

She wrote, “I was abused (verbally and once s***ally) and used. I was lied to and cheated on. Did I know? No. Did people tell me who knew? Yes, some; got inboxes and calls. Did I ask? Yes. Did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Yes. Did they protect him? His friends? Yes.”

She said she was only setting the record straight: “It happened to me, but this will and cannot define me. I am a great artist. I am a survivor and a woman. I am powerful and victorious and I am a child of a King… an African Child.”

The Collide hitmaker has apparently deleted some of her tweets on the matter since then.

Nevertheless, about an hour after Sjava tweeted about pursuing legal action, she seemingly reacted with another tweet of her own.

She wrote, “The truth is everything here… Nothing else.” It may appear that the two are headed for a potential legal showdown.

Sjava and Lady Zamar saga: How it all started

The saga started last weekend when Sjava introduced his wife to the audience at his “One Night With Sjava” concert in Pretoria, much to the surprise of some fans.

Predictably, a number of fans took to social media and wondered if Sjava had been unfaithful to his wife during his relationship with Lady Zamar.

Lady Zamar said she had grown tired of all the mentions and decided to speak out once and for all.

“I’m only responding coz I’m exhausted. I’ve moved on loooong ago and yerrr I’m still dragged into that messy man’s life. What must I do to get you guys to stop with the tags and mentions?” she wrote.

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