Masechaba Ndlovu shares Sjava concert snaps despite Lady Zamar abuse claims

Image credit: Instagram/Masechaba Ndlovu

Just hours after singer Lady Zamar made abuse allegations against fellow singer Sjava on Twitter, radio queen Masechaba Ndlovu is seemingly minding her own business.

On Wednesday morning, she announced on Twitter that she would share snaps from Sunday’s “One Night With Sjava” concert on Instagram at 11am.

She wrote, “#OneNightWithSjava was a Godly experience. I’ll share pics on my Instagram at 11am today.”

‘A night to remember’

True to her word, Masechaba posted several pics from the show, including one of Sjava himself performing.

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The SAFM radio presenter accompanied her photos with captions such as “a night to remember” and “game changer.”

In another caption, Masechaba paid tribute to Sjava: “Your career is what you are paid for. Your calling is what you are MADE for.”

During the concert, one theatrical performance featuring two women apparently focused on gender-based violence.

Masechaba posted a pic of it and wrote: “This theatrical piece on gender-based violence took me by surprise and truly sets you apart from the rest. Thank you for lending your voice, your time, your stage and your energy towards addressing the plight of women everywhere.”

Lady Zamar’s abuse claims against Sjava

Lady Zamar left Twitter users shook on Tuesday night with a thread alleging that she endured abuse at the hands of Sjava when they were still dating.

She wrote, “I was abused (verbally and once s***ally) and used. I was lied to and cheated on. Did I know? No. Did people tell me who knew? Yes, some; got inboxes and calls.

“Did I ask? Yes. Did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Yes. Did they protect him? His friends? Yes.”

Since then, a number of social media users have dragged Sjava, with some even saying they’re deleting their tweets from “One Night With Sjava” concert.

Masechaba’s decision to share the snaps therefore left some tweeps a little surprised and sparked debate.

Some, like Mbaliyethu Sithole, defended her: “I actually stan Masechaba, you know why? When she called out an abuser you dragged her and told her to mind her own business and now she’s doing exactly that, minding her own business!”

However, others criticised her. @Landless_Native wrote, “Masechaba is still sulking from the Babes Wodumo saga, that’s why she has the nerve to publicly support an a man accused of abuse in the name of “minding her own business” while in the process she’s humiliating and dehumanising Lady Zamar.”

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