Lady Zamar alleges abuse at the hands of ‘liar and cheater’ Sjava

Image credit: Twitter/Lady Zamar and Sjava

Fed up with social media users continuously dragging her name in singer Sjava’s marital status, fellow singer Lady Zamar has decided to let it all out.

She left Twitter users shook on Tuesday night with a thread alleging that she endured abuse at the hands of Sjava when they were still dating.

She wrote, “I was abused (verbally and once s***ally) and used. I was lied to and cheated on. Did I know? No. Did people tell me who knew? Yes, some; got inboxes and calls. Did I ask? Yes. Did people I knew know what kind of man he is? Yes. Did they protect him? His friends? Yes.”

One Night With Sjava

It all started over the weekend when fans expressed surprise when Sjava introduced his wife at his “One Night With Sjava” show in Pretoria.

They immediately wondered if he had been cheating on his wife during his relationship with Lady Zamar, who soon got tired of all the mentions and tags.

She wrote, “I’m only responding coz I’m exhausted. I’ve moved on loooong ago and yerrr I’m still dragged into that messy man’s life. What must I do to get you guys to stop with the tags and mentions? If I was a normal girl who no one knew I’d be left alone but coz I’m in the public?”

The Collide hitmaker said organisers of Sjava’s show had invited her to perform, terming it “disrespect” because Sjava’s wife was coming.

‘Liar and a cheater’

Lady Zamar pulled no punches as she told off her doubters and detractors. She said, “You guys are exhausting man. I’ve been saying [that] your precious Zulu man is a liar and a cheater.

“Cheers to every person that didn’t believe me when I told them that [the man is] married, coz in your face. Mxm y’all are exhausting. Now y’all wanna drag me coz I didn’t know?”

She added that she even went for therapy for eight months “because I though I was going crazy.” Nevertheless, Lady Zamar said her past won’t define her.

She explained, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m setting the record straight, calling a spade a spade. It happened to me, but this will and cannot define me. I am a great artist. I am a survivor and a woman. I am powerful and victorious and I am a child of a King… an African Child.”

“I will not be defined by anything negative that happened to me. I said we dated for two years, [but] let me be clear, it was a span of two years but the time spent together did not account to anything more than a three month tremulous relationship,” she added.

Although social media is abuzz with Lady Zamar’s eye-popping thread, Sjava has not yet reacted to it. This story will be updated once his reaction becomes available.

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