EFF heaps praise on Mashaba: ‘He was willing to concede to superior logic’

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has reacted with “disappointment” at the resignation of Herman Mashaba as Mayor of Johannesburg.

Mashaba announced his resignation at a press conference on Monday. It will take effect on 27 November.

EFF heaped praise on him, saying he was the only Mayor in coalition-governed municipalities who “never arrogated himself into a leadership style as if the DA had won with an outright majority.”

‘Superior logic’

The party added, “He was always humble, consultative and willing to concede to superior logic.

“Even as he belonged to a political party characterised by white supremacy and anti-poor policies, Mashaba turned his back on these policies and practices that are core to the DA.”

EFF said Mashaba led the City of Johannesburg with “the poor and not profit at the centre of policy making.”

As a result, he was willing to insource workers, connect electricity to informal settlements, and expropriate factories “for expansion of social housing,” EFF said.

‘Social democrats should abandon DA’

EFF labelled Mashaba a “social democrat” and urged other social democrats in the DA to “abandon” it because “the election of Hellen Zille as Federal [Council] Chairperson is a turn to the right.”

It slammed “hypocrites arrested by careerism” who, unlike Mashaba, stay in political parties they don’t agree with merely for political appointments.

The party said it will consult internally before informing the public on its proposed way forward with regard to the City of Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu also reacted to Mashaba’s resignation on Twitter.

He said Mashaba resigned “due to the racism in the DA.”

“All progressive forces in Johannesburg Council should defend his gains of insourced workers, 24-hour clinics and prioritisation of poor areas. Those who side with the working class and poor are our friends!” he added.

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