Determined Brits small-town girl, 23, quits cashier job to launch music career

Image credit: Peter Marx

A 23-year-old “small-town girl” from Brits in the North West quit her job as a restaurant cashier to launch a hip hop music career.

Casima dropped her debut single Make A Way in August, a catchy track that’s as good as top club bangers, if not better.

Dropping the single was her biggest milestone in a journey that began in 2012 when she was still in high school.

She first teamed up with Authentic Nation Sound Records, hosting shows, performing and recording.

Going solo

Casima remained with the label after completing her matric in 2014, but decided to go solo in 2015.

A determined Casima is aiming for the stars. Image credit: Peter Marx

“I started recording solo mixtapes and released a couple of great tracks that made a lot of waves where I’m from,” she said.

In the meantime, she was working as a cashier for three years before boldly deciding to quit “in order to do music full time.”

Earlier in 2019, she collaborated with local producers/artistes 808x, JayP and Nas to release STAA VS CASIMA, an EP (extended play) with three songs.

‘Never give up’

Casima’s Make A Way was a response to those who tried to discourage her from pursuing a career in the music industry. It was also her way of telling others never to give up.

She explained, “So the song is my response to them by stating that none of them can hold me back and I’ll break through all the boundaries that they set for me. Nothing they do or say can stop me anymore.”

The determined Casima hopes her story would inspire other young people to pursue their dreams against all odds.

She said, “The legacy that I would like to leave behind one day is that of courage and faith, and that it inspired the youth of Africa.

“They should be courageous and believe in what they ought to be and to never allow failure to decide a future for them. Anything is possible…work hard, pray hard and dream big! Just look at me – dreams do come true.”

Check out Casima’s Make A Way on YouTube here.

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