Billboard magazine slammed for ‘disrespecting’ Sho Madjozi over John Cena hit

Image credit: Twitter/Sho Madjozi and Facebook/John Cena

South African star Sho Madjozi has been featured on the website of Billboard, an American music news magazine.

The article, which was published on Monday, profiles Madjozi after her hit song John Cena went viral.

The Huku hitmaker celebrated the feat by retweeting Billboard’s article along with the simple caption, “BILLBOARD.”

Fans upset at headline

However, her fans are unhappy at the article’s headline, which reads, “How Sho Madjozi landed a viral hit, thanks to John Cena.”

Madjozi’s fans replied to Billboard’s tweet in droves to slam the magazine for seemingly not according Madjozi the respect she deserves.

@Official_teesta replied, “I danced to that song way before John Cena saw it nor heard about it; the disrespect to our African Jewel… sickening (Mogirl made it go viral nje with the help of prominent dancers like us). Give respect were its due.”

“‘Thanks to John Cena?’ Did he write the song… Or maybe he was the one singing on the track??? Respect Sho Madjozi please…” added @xare78402927.

‘Song made John Cena trend’

@nokwandam also wrote, “No no no, it’s not ‘thanks to John Cena.’ The song went viral right after color studio, SHE DID THAT! Yes it’s his name but it’s her hard work. Don’t bore us tu.”

Another fan, Gugu Dube, said the track made John Cena trend, not the other way round: “Why are we thanking John Cena for SHO Madjozi talent; the song even made the guy trend.”

Nevertheless, there was a smattering of defence for the magazine’s headline among some John Cena fans.

@vhonam1m argued, “Well first of all it’s his name and instead of him being [difficult] about his name being used without his consent, he embraced the song and actively promoted it on an international platform for free.”

Sho Magjozi, who is currently in New York, hasn’t commented on the controversy so far.

She has expressed a wish to meet John Cena, who danced to the hit song in September when he appeared in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also walked out to a WWE match while the song played recently.

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