Joburg man builds massive house for mom who raised him with social grants

Image credit: Twitter/Kholofelo Madihlaba

A young man based in Johannesburg has inspired thousands of South Africans on Twitter by sharing a photo of a massive house he’s building for his mother.

Kholofelo Madihlaba posted the image on Sunday along with the caption, “A small thank you gift for bomma for raising me ka yona zakana yeo ya motente without complaining.”

Loosely translated, he said the house is a gift to his mom who raised him using social grants without complaining.

The heartwarming gesture has gone viral, racking up more than 4,100 likes and 400 retweets so far.

‘You inspired me’

Madihlaba’s works as a robotics engineer at one of the country’s big four banks.

Hundreds of Twitter users replied to his tweet with a similar message – that he had inspired them.

Many of them expressed a wish that they could also do the same for their parents. One of them was @headwishr.

He replied, “I like what you’re doing. I have the same belief and I pray every day that God bless me so that I can build my father a better house and just take him on a drive to the ocean while he’s still alive. You inspired me warra, keep it up.”

@MothibaBoledi added, “I am so happy for bomma. She raised a prince ka motente. Well done bro.”

Kholofelo Madihlaba. Image credit: Twitter

‘Big gesture’

“Very good and all blessings Madihlaba! It’s not small but big a gesture and keep it up for your exemplary inspiration!” wrote Katishi Masemola.

AJ Mogolo congratulated Madihlaba, “Congrats my brother. If your mother’s heart is happy, you will get lots of blessings.”

This is indeed top work from Madihlaba, who hails from Limpopo.

Besides building his dear mom the massive mansion, he has also encouraged many more young people to do the same. Way to go!

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