‘This is why I’m staying:’ Teen and his matric farewell date inspire SA

Image credit: Facebook/#ImStaying/Tania du Plessis

A proud mom from Randburg, Gauteng has shared beautiful snaps of her son and his best friend at their matric farewell, inspiring thousands of South Africans in the process.

Tania du Plessis posted the pics on the popular #ImStaying Facebook group on 10 October.

She accompanied it with the caption, “This why #imstaying and have stayed. My son and his best friend at their Matric farewell. I’m staying because I fought hard for my children to live in a free, beautiful and colourful South Africa. I am proud to be a mama of Africa. Ek bly net hier!”

Du Plessis’ son looked dapper in a dark blue suit, light blue shirt and matching tie, while his date looked equally stunning in a bright yellow dress.

Image credit: Facebook/#ImStaying/Tania du Plessis

‘Proudly South African’

The adorable images have warmed the hearts of thousands of South Africans after going viral.

Du Plessis’ post has received an incredible 19,000 reactions, close to 1,000 comments, and hundreds of shares so far.

Many commenters remarked how the pics made the feel “proudly South African.” Others said the two best friends looked “stunning” and “beautiful.”

Blaste Iyolab wrote, “They so look good. It’s beautiful – a red apple and green apple. Don’t have different names; the name is apple no matter the colour. We are one.”

Claudia Fernandez Almeida added, “They should be on a cover of a fashion magazine wow stunning.”

Image credit: Facebook/#ImStaying/Tania du Plessis

Pride TheRabbi Mudzingwa joked, “Beautiful. But then, to that young man we are expecting lobola from you……we the uncles are busy with the list.”

#ImStaying Facebook group

According to its “about” section, the #ImStaying Facebook group “is dedicated to the South African women and men of all races, cultures, religions and creeds who remain loyal to South Africa.”

It seeks to promote “beauty and positivity in South Africa,” thereby encouraging those who may despair to “stay and work as one, to save this beautiful country we call home.”

It has amassed more than 645,000 members so far after just a month of its creation.

The group has sparked boundless positivity as evidenced by over 10,000 posts so far from South Africans of all backgrounds.

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