Bachelor party and cracked tooth: Somizi and Mohale’s final hours before wedding

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The countdown to Somizi Mhlongo and his bae Mohale Motaung’s wedding is reaching a crescendo – and what a hilarious finals hours it has been.

The two are set to have their traditional wedding on Saturday.

Bachelor party

As was expected, Mohale went out on Thursday night for his all-important bachelor party.

It must have been great fun because he came back home at 3am – something Somizi found amusing.

The popular Idols SA judge shared an Instagram video later on Friday showing the two at a clinic getting “rejuvenated.”

However, while Somizi looked fresh, Mohale appeared a little out of it

It seems he had indulged a little too much and was sprawled on a clinic bed, holding his head and seemingly nursing a headache.

Hopefully he’ll snap out of it by Saturday morning!

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A cracked tooth

Who has a cracked tooth a day before their wedding? It has got to be the one and only Somizi.

Apparently, he chewed on a burger and crack, uh-oh.

Naturally, there’s no way he was going to his own wedding with a dental mishap, so he called up his dentist to fix it asap.

And SomGaga found some humour in it all with a modified Bible verse, “No toothache formed against me shall prosper.” Amen!

Meanwhile, fans simply can’t wait for the celeb couple’s big day.

An Instagram fan, @frimack84, joked, “Can the wedding be broadcast for the sake of us who were not invited; every step of it mina i just want to watch. SomGaga I just love it when you are happy.”

Aww, wishing the two a lovely day on Saturday!

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