ZANU-PF lambasts ‘political novice’ Malema for anti-Mnangagwa comments

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF has lambasted Julius Malema for his recent comments against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

ZANU-PF slammed the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader as a “political novice” who is a “puppet” and “decorated stooge” of the West.

Mnangagwa ‘tormented’ Mugabe

Malema kicked off the controversy during his visit to Zimbabwe on 23 September.

He visited Mugabe’s widow, former First Lady Grace Mugabe, to offer his condolences following Mugabe’s passing on 6 September.

After his meeting with the ex-First Lady, Malema criticised Mnangagwa for “tormenting Mugabe.”

The EFF leader also accused Zimbabwe’s government for “disrespecting” Mugabe’s final wishes by imposing burial arrangements on his family.

ZANU-PF hits back

In a statement, ZANU-PF hit back at Malema, describing him as a “restless and careless” leader.

Malema needs to be reminded that his illusion to equate youthful exuberance and verbosity for wisdom and grounded intellectuality exposes him for the political novice which he is.

That Malema is now a decorated stooge at the mercy of our yesteryear colonisers is now a public secret as exhibited by his constant verbiage against African leaders and their respective countries.


It slammed Malema for using a “sombre occasion” to score cheap political points.

The party also took a dim view of Malema’s criticism of the African Union and Southern African Development Community (SADC).

It reaffirmed Mugabe as a “global revolutionary icon” and said it was sad to have a “puppet” of former colonisers demeaning what he stood for.

Malema not a fan of Mnangagwa

The EFF leader has not yet reacted to ZANU-PF’s statement. However, he is known for his anti-Mnangagwa’s views.

He openly supported Movement for Democratic Change’s (MDC) Nelson Chamisa, who was Mnangagwa’s main opponent in Zimbabwe’s August 2018 elections.

In April this year, he called the Zimbabwean president a “sellout” for planning to compensate white farmers whose land was expropriated in 2000.

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