Unemployed dad keeps lost wallet for 1 month while looking for owner

Image credit: Facebook/Charlize Tomaselli

An unemployed dad of two in KwaZulu-Natal has won praise for his honesty after keeping a lost wallet for a month.

33-year-old Mbuso Ndlovu did not attempt to use any of the bank and retail store cards in the wallet. It also contained a driver’s licence.

The wallet’s owner, Charlize Tomaselli, shared the inspiring story on Facebook recently.

Message via Facebook

She said Ndlovu managed to find her Facebook account and sent her a message.

However, because they weren’t friends on Facebook, the message went to a separate inbox and Tomaselli didn’t get a notification.

It was by chance that she eventually saw it after a month.

I contacted him with some suspicion and asked him to describe the wallet. He described it in detail and listed all the cards that were in it. I realised that he definitely had my wallet.

Charlize Tomaselli

To assure Tomaselli of her safety, Ndlovu suggested that they meet at a police station so she could collect it.

Mbuso was waiting when we arrived with my wallet and every single card in it.

I have been keeping track of the cancelled cards and enquired with my bank and various store cards if there had been any activity on my cards. There was none.

Charlize Tomaselli

Ndlovu needs a job

A thankful Tomaselli praised Ndlovu for his honesty, saying, “This man is a truly wonderful South African.”

She appealed to her Facebook followers to contact her if they had or knew of openings for him. He lives in the Stanger area.

Commenters also praised the honest man. William Wsngr wrote, “Mbuso, well done! We need more men like you. All my respect.”

Gloria Ann Lundall added, “That is so good to hear, I pray he finds a good job soon. May God bless him abundantly.”

‘We must be honest’

Speaking to News24, Ndlovu said the thought of using the cards in the wallet did not cross his mind “because I am not that kind of person.”

Crime does not pay. I could have tried something stupid because there were lots of cards in the wallet. But in the end, we must be honest.

Mbuso Ndlovu

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