Leading by example or doing what’s expected? Tito Mboweni flies economy class

Image credit: Twitter/The National Treasury

The National Treasury has shared a picture of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni flying economy class to Cape Town.

Treasury posted the image on its Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon.

The image was captioned, “Minister of Finance @tito_mboweni leading by example. Flying economy class to Cape Town. #WalktheTalk.”

Twitter users react

Some South Africans on Twitter praised the minister for indeed leading by example.

I hope your colleagues are humble enough to take note and emulate you as a matter of principle.

Twitter user Thabang Motsohi

Now that’s how you save money; @tito_mboweni has the power to make sure everyone follows suit. These are the cuts we need.


However, others weren’t so impressed. They argued that this should be expected, especially on a two-hour flight.

This should not be something special. It’s a 2hr flight. No one should be flying in business class on this route.


He needs to change the law/finance polices to force public servants to do that, not being a role model.


But why do we post such things when this should be the norm?
He isn’t great for doing this; he’s just a person doing his job.


Mboweni’s cost-cutting measures

Mboweni has been vocal about cutting costs in government, especially perks accorded to ministers and deputy ministers.

He was instrumental in Cabinet’s adoption of a revised ministerial handbook earlier this year.

Some of the cost-cutting measures in the handbook include restrictions on the purchase of new vehicles by ministers.

Air travel for spouses of ministers is now restricted as well.

Other measures extend to municipalities, including limits on use of consultants and capping prices of mayoral cars at R700,000.

Mboweni himself instructed Treasury to sell two BMW X5 models purchased for his predecessor in favour of cheaper cars.

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