‘Is that really you?’ Artist Rasta surprises fans with ‘accurate’ Mugabe portrait

Image credit: Twitter/Rasta the Artist

Usually, popular artist Lebani Sirenje, also known as Rasta the Artist, gets his portraits a little off the mark.

However, he appears to have taken his fans by surprise this time.

He posted a snap of himself on Twitter on Friday putting the final touches to a portrait of the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Rasta accompanied it with the caption, “Rest in eternal power my leader.”

‘Your art is improving’

Rasta’s fans praised him for finally coming up with a more “accurate” depiction of his muse this time around.

One of them, @anelempomo, even doubted that it’s the real Rasta. She asked, “Rasta, is that really you?”

Another fan, Edmund Kudzayi, gave Rasta a backhanded compliment, “Your art is improving; this is definitely not the content I signed up for. Stop it!”

Harmony Makumbifora, who is clearly not the biggest fan of Mugabe, replied, “This is the one that you were supposed to mess up Rasta.”

@Kalushii simply misses the old Rasta: “Rasta is definitely losing his roots. I can’t deal.”

Some previous mishaps

Some of Rasta’s previous portraits have drawn amusement from social media for not being accurate at all.

For instance, his depiction of President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this year became the object of many jokes.

Another one of legendary American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which he painted in May this year, was also the talk of Twitter.

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