Trevor Noah applauds Malema’s anti-xenophobia message: ‘It’s perfect’

Image credits: Twitter/Trevor Noah + Economic Freedom Fighters

Top comedian Trevor Noah has applauded Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema’s anti-xenophobia message.

On Monday, Trevor posted a clip on Twitter from Malema’s press briefing held on Thursday last week.

He accompanied it with the caption, “I don’t always agree with Julius Malema but this statement on xenophobic attacks in SA is perfect.”

In the clip, Malema is seen persuading South Africans to stop targeting foreign nationals and their businesses.

When you’re done with Nigerians, when you’re done with Mozambicans and Zimbabweans and Zambians, you’re going to go for Shangaans from Giyani. I have to stop you now before you come to me.

Julius Malema

Malema said even if all foreigners left South Africa, poverty, joblessness, hunger and inequality would still remain.

He reiterated that what happened in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal last week was just criminality.

He cautioned South Africans against taking the law in their own hands.

Trevor Noah’s followers react

Many of Trevor’s followers agreed with the EFF leader’s message.

Enzo-Alaine Chellan replied, “I never really agreed with @Julius_S_Malema ideas. But what his saying here is very true, and needs to stop.”

However, some were slightly less agreeable to Malema’s views and by extension, Trevor’s.

@Pondolegend replied, “Both of y’all are out of touch with reality on the ground….comfortable in your Gucci and LV brands.”

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