Malema sends heartfelt apology to fellow Africans: ‘Please forgive us’

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema has sent a heartfelt apology to Africans from the rest of the continent in the wake of unrest in parts of Gauteng this week.

Addressing the press on Thursday, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) asked for forgiveness for the looting of foreign-owned shops.

Please, find it in your good heart to forgive us. We’re sorry. We’re ashamed of ourselves and we sincerely apologise for this madness.

Julius Malema

Malema asked fellow Africans not to paint all South Africans with “the same xenophobic brush” for the actions of “a few criminal elements.”

Difficult past

He also pleaded for understanding from the rest of Africa because South Africans come from a difficult past.

We come from a traumatised past and we’re struggling in finding ourselves. We are still in the process of soul searching, and we’ll ultimately one day know that we are part of Africa.

Julius Malema

Malema blamed “oppressors who have taken away our mines” for instilling hatred towards other Africans.

He said as South Africans, “we are still working on ourselves.”

Colonial borders

Malema reiterated his call for unity in Africa and abolishment of borders.

We therefore make no apology when we call for African Unity, in particular renouncing the colonially imposed boarders.

Julius Malema

He dismissed appeals for him to abandon his call for abolishment of borders.

Juju said he will not compromise on that call even if he loses his bid for reelection as EFF president.

EFF national conference

EFF is set to hold a national conference, or “national people’s assembly,” in December to elect its leadership.

Malema said all positions are open for contestation as a sign of maturing democracy inside the party.

The conference will be held at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

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