Mihlali Ndamase breaks down on air while discussing late dad

Image credit: Instagram/Mihlali Ndamase

Popular influencer Mihlali Ndamase broke down on air on Friday while discussing her relationship with her late father.

Ndamase was speaking to Power FM‘s Aldrin Sampear in a wide-ranging interview.

When Sampear asked her about her late dad, there was a long pause before she was heard sobbing softly.

She said she wished that she and her dad were in a “better place” before he passed away.

Parents separated

Ndamase said her parents separated and her dad moved abroad, after which her contact with him became “formal.”

This is because they only communicated via phone calls and emails, she said.

Sadly, he passed away just when they were beginning to know each other better, Ndamase added.

She said she showed little emotion at his funeral and things only got better when she went for counselling six months later.

Asked what she would say to her dad today, Ndamase replied, “I wish things were different.”

Mihlali Ndamase the influencer

Ndamase also spoke about her influencing work as well as her charity work through Siyasizana Foundation, which she co-founded.

She revealed that she hopes to start her own cosmetics and makeup line one day.

She also shared how she overcame her struggles with acne when she was younger, saying it affected her self-confidence.

The successful influencer refused to be drawn into her personal life, but said she would like to have kids one day.

Ndamase advised aspiring influencers to be persistent, build their profile and audience, and success would come afterwards.

Fans react

Fans sent Ndamase their best wishes on social media.

Khumo Mogotsi tweeted, “That conversation just made me call my dad actually. Strength to you Mihlali. May God heal your heart.”

“Sending love and hugs to Mihlali. Thanks for sharing such a difficult story. You’re such an inspiration,” added Nhlakanipho Zondi.

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