Man plays detective, claims to have discovered who Bonang is ‘dating’

Mzansi Twitter definitely has no chills – and a local man is proving it yet again.

M. D. Rasemetse is legit claiming to have discovered who Bonang is apparently dating. Yes, Bonang, thee Queen B.

Rasemtse hilariously payed detective and “connected the dots” after a Bonang tweet got people a little curious.

It all started on Wednesday when the popular entertainer tweeted, “My baby and I gon’ have a wonderful life.”

Rasemetse replied and asked, “Did she say baby?” Bonang then quoted his tweet and said, “My man.”

A very curious Rasemetse then brought out his A-game detective skills.

He replied with photos showing Bonang with one (and then both) of the twin brothers from Major League DJz, Banele and Bandile Mbere.

Dude went to the extent of finding Major League DJz’s replies and likes on Bonang’s tweets.

Whoa, that’s some pretty impressive CSI work right there. But did tweeps believe his claim that Bonang is dating one of the twin DJs?

The jury is out on that one. Some actually believed Rasemtse.

However, most tweeps were sceptical about it all.

Well, Rasemetse needs a career as a detective, that’s for sure.


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