Nailed it or failed it? Jamie Foxx does the gwara gwara

Image credit: Instagram/Jamie Foxx

Mzansi created a truly global dance phenomenon in gwara gwara, y’all. Rihanna, Usher and all kinds of superstars have tried it so far.

The latest is American actor and singer Jamie Foxx. He posted a video of himself doing the gwara gwara on Instagram on Tuesday.

From Foxx’s caption, it looks like he does it when he’s truly happy – as it should be.

I dance like this when…. 1. The caffeine kicks in… 2.the check clears… 3. I Just got threw watching the opening of COMING TO AMERICA…. What y’all got?! caption this! … while I ice my hamstring! 

Jamie Foxx

The vid has clocked well over 1.2 million views and 6,000-plus comments so far. Happy times!

Nailed or failed it?

So, did he nail it or fail it? From the comments, it seems the jury is still out on that.

Some praised him for getting it right and showing he’s got moves even at his age (hard to believe he’s 51!).

Zansiloh commented: “Old man still got some moves left.”

Breshawebb said, “U betta get it!!! Warm that leg up FOXX.”

However, others felt he could have done slightly, just slightly better.

A not-so-impressed Kellibanner wrote, “Lmao!!!! It just doesn’t look the same when you do it Jamie! ROTF.”

Ruannesheldon said, “You’re doing the tame version of our SA Gwarra.”

Foxx did say he’s nursing his hamstring, though. Taking that into account, his gwara gwara is pretty good.

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