J’Something melts hearts with adorable kitchen snap with wifey

Image credit: Twitter/J'Something

Singer J’Something is something of a hopeless romantic who isn’t afraid to show the world just how much he loves his wife Coco.

On Tuesday, he posted an absolutely heartwarming snap on Twitter of himself and Coco.

The two adorable lovebirds were in the kitchen making a pizza and were all smiles.

The Mi Casa lead crooner captioned the pic, “She got a pizza my heart.”

The photo melted the hearts J’Something’s fans on Twitter, who remarked on how beautiful the couple looked.

Some of them even wished they had such a happy love life as well.

“This image portrays that love is a wonderful thing,” wrote @97Lissah. @Miss Lungi added, “Nami one day I’ll cook with my husband.”

@rowmeyoh was a little wishful too: “I also want to hold someone’s daughter while we’re making food.”

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