Hilarious: Steve Harvey tries to set up Thando Thabooty with his son

Image credit: Twitter/Thando Thabooty

American comedian Steve Harvey hilariously joked about setting up 5FM host Thando “Thabooty” Thabethe with one of his sons on Tuesday.

Thando was hosting Harvey on The Thabooty Drive when he cracked jokes about having “a couple of sons you need to hola at.”

It all started when Harvey was talking about how he maintains his famous moustache.

He somehow got distracted by Thando’s looks and joked that he’s “happily married.”

I’m happily married – I just wanna say that while I’m looking at you. I just wanna put that out there.

I’m happily married and I’m trying to go to heaven, so I got a couple of things that I’m working with because this sister over here is fine.

I got a son though. I got a couple of sons you need to hola at.

Steve Harvey

Harvey went on to joke about getting Thando to Beverly Hills “by Friday,” adding, “This is what you call a pre-arranged marriage.”

Thando and Harvey even brought up his son’s age and what he does in their lighthearted exchange.

Family Feud South Africa

On a more serious note, Harvey said he’s hoping to create about 300-400 jobs in Africa for every Family Feud show he hosts.

His main focus is to own a business in Africa, create jobs here, and teach African actors how to navigate the world of film, especially in Hollywood.

Harvey also spoke about the 400th anniversary of the first slave ship leaving Africa for the Americas.

It’s so critical to bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans. You know where your grandfather lived. I don’t.

You see, my father’s father, my grandfather, was a slave. I don’t know where my grandfather lived. You do.

Now, what we’ve learnt in the United States, we can teach to you, and what you know about here, you can teach to us.

Steve Harvey

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