SA jumps to Malema’s defence after man slams him for flying business class

Daniël Eloff has come under heavy criticism on social media after criticising Julius Malema for “flying business class while fighting for the poor.”

Eloff is the co-host of Podlitiek, a podcast service that offers political news and analysis in Afrikaans.

He recently posted an image of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader in aircraft, apparently sitting in the business class section.

Eloff accompanied the photo with the caption:

Enjoying some Moët et Chandon flying in business class while preparing to fight for the poor.

Daniël Eloff

Malema defended

If Eloff though he would gain support for “exposing” Malema’s alleged hypocrisy, he was badly mistaken.

Twitter users swiftly jumped to Malema’s defence, arguing that one doesn’t have to be poor to fight for the poor.

You’re not supposed to be poor yourself to fight for your fellow citizens who are still steeped in poverty.

The idea is not for you to sink to their level of penury but for you to help uplift them to your level of prosperity

Author and Twitter user Zakes Mda

Maybe he should walk then, I suppose? And wear no shoes while at it?

Commentator Songezo Zibi

A Twitter user who apparently knows Eloff well asked him if he was really concerned for the poor given his own alleged privileged university experience.

Hey Danie, I’m really curious – When you stayed at res, drove a Merc & would drive home for supper then go back to res to sleep, while kids who needed res, couldn’t afford private accommodation close to campus, had no cars & no family in PTA , where was this concern for the poor?


Malema himself replied to Eloff’s tweet and expressed no apology for flying business class.

He even cheekily reminded Eloff not to forget taking his medication.

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