‘Mohale ke gold digger:’ Fans concerned if Somizi is getting loved back

Somizi and his bae Mohale have just returned from a baecation in sunny Italy but fans at home are super worried.

Thursday’s episode of Living the Life with Somizi had fans seriously questioning whether Mohale loves Somizi or he’s just in it for the money and fame.

Taking to social media, they felt Mohale doesn’t show the same level of enthusiasm and attention that Somizi shows him.

Mohale is rude and cold towards his partner nxa the only time he seemed happy was when Vusi Nova was around.

Twitter user @yamkelwa_n

I think TT can see what we are sensing when watching Mohale… Something is off. He seems disconnected.

Lunga Majozi


This prompted some fans to speculate that perhaps the love just isn’t there and Somizi is better off finding someone else.

Some even advised the som som to put the upcoming wedding on ice till he’s really sure about Mohale.

Others suggested a prenup just in case, you know, it’s all about the moola for Mohale.

The speculation went as far as suggesting that Mohale isn’t really gay. Whoa!

Mohale wanted the fame. He got it, now he wants out. Mohale ke gold digger. You see those girls that love materialistic things??


I wish Somizi could stop this wedding and give their relationship two more years.

Honestly Mohale is not into Somizi with that fake smile of his. I can see Somizi is trying hard to please him but eh Mohale uthi andizi.


Mohale is just here for cash and nice life. He doesn’t love the som som; remember when they broke up somizi took everything that he bought for mohale then jiki jiki they reconciled.


Fans defend Mohale

However, some came to Mohale’s defence and said perhaps he’s just young and still figuring it all out.

They said he’s less of an extrovert compared to Somizi, so he can’t be expected to have the same level of energy.

Others simply argued that it’s none of our business, really.

Besides, the two have just returned from a baecation where snaps showed them looking lovey dovey.

Y’all putting unnecessary pressure on Mohale. Mohale is very young and new to this lifestyle. Y’all can’t be having expectations of how he’s supposed to show love to Som.

Som got his reasons why he loves him. I believe in Mohale, a very intelligent young person.

Kgotso Hlapolosa

So Mohale must be an extrovert like Somizi, and they must never have relationship problems? Because they’re robots. Watch and enjoy a good show le lastig amateur relationship shrinks.


Well, perhaps it all has to do with Mohale being an introvert. In a tweet he posted on Thursday, he alluded to it.

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