ANC slams survey that ranked Ace as ‘least-liked’ politician

Image credit: Twitter/African National Congress

The African National Congress (ANC) has slammed a survey that ranked its Secretary General Ace Magashule as one of the least-liked politicians in South Africa.

In a statement issued on Thursday morning, the party said Magashule is not engaged in a popularity contest.

The Secretary General of the ANC is part of the leadership collective as elected at the 54th National Conference and not in any popularity contest.


The party was reacting to the latest South African Citizens Survey (SACS) research released earlier this week.

It ranked Magashule as the least popular in the ANC’s top 6 with a favourability rating of just 11%.

In contrast, the survey found that Ramaphosa remains the most liked politician in South Africa with a favourability rating of 62%.

The ANC however suggested that the survey has a hidden agenda of isolating Magashule and sowing divisions in the party.

The survey also sought to “cast imaginary doubt” on Magashule’s abilities, the party claimed.

The people of South Africa must unite and expose such formations hellbent on tarnishing the good image of our individual leaders hiding behind science.


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