EFF supporters slam MP for accepting CR17 funds: ‘It’s payment for spying’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters on social media have lambasted EFF MP Tebogo Mokwele for accepting funds from the controversial CR17 campaign.

On Sunday, EFF issued a statement confirming that Mokwele had confessed to receiving R40,000 from the campaign.

The funds were to help Mokwele during a bereavement period, the party said.

The revelation has sparked intense debate among EFF supporters on Twitter.

‘Payment for spying’

Many of them criticised Mokwele for accepting the payment, with one tweep even calling it “payment for spying.”

This can’t be about Cyril helping out with funeral arrangements. @AdvDali_Mpofu alone could help her with the 40k like it’s nothing if she had asked qha. This is payment for spying!

Twitter user @BiggieDiMera

Others called on Mokwele to “do the honourable thing” and resign because she could no longer be trusted.

Tebogo Mokwele should have disclosed the payment to leadership; this is clearly conflict of interest case.

How do we trust her going forward? If she has the best interest of the party, she must do the honourable thing and resign.


Some supporters are calling on EFF to summarily expel Mokwele, apparently for being a “spy” for the ANC.

MP’s defence

Nevertheless, some Twitter users came to the MP’s defence.

They believed her explanation that the money was for a bereavement and nothing else.

Tebogo Mokwele was not given money to campaign for ANC or #RamaphosaLeaks or to vote for #CR17BankStatements; nothing was expected in return from her.

The @EFFSouthAfrica has already explained what the money was used for #TebogoMokwele. Thank you @CyrilRamaphosa.


The EFF said in its statement that it would discuss what course of action to take against Mokwele.

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