Zozibini Tunzi to ladies with ideas: ‘No, my dad is not single’

Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi is settling nicely in her coveted role, but little did she know she would have to put out some friendly fires.

On Wednesday, she had to declare that her dad is not single after a few ladies with ideas inquired about him.

The lighthearted Twitter exchange began when she posted snaps of herself, her dad, and Top Billings presenter Harmony Katulondi.

She was moving into her new home in Joburg and was sharing the experience.

Of course, her fans complimented her looks and congratulated her once again for winning the title. Some also inquired who Harmony was.

However, others were a little more interested in her dad than would usually be the case.

They remarked that he is “handsome” and inquired whether he is single or not.

“Hello Miss SA, is your dad single? Asking for a friend,” @missnozipho joked.

Well, Zozibini had to put some brakes on that train of thought because it was heading in another direction really fast.

She said, “Also, my dad is not single to those who asked. You guys are a lot.”

The hilarious banter didn’t end there though. One hopeful lady wanted to be updated in case his “situation” changes.

What a happy place Twitter is!

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