EFF: Ramaphosa is a ‘greedy billionaire, white monopoly capitalism stooge’

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has lambasted President Cyril Ramaphosa as a “greedy billionaire” and a “white monopoly capitalism stooge.”

The party made the comments in a statement issued on Tuesday evening to react to weekend revelations about CR17 campaign donors.

The Sunday Independent revealed that some of the donors included the billionaire Oppenheimer family and ex-Absa CEO Maria Ramos.

EFF claimed that “white monopoly capitalists” “made” Ramaphosa and contributed millions to his campaign because “the ANC is for sale.”

The people of South Africa must know that Ramaphosa is a white monopoly capitalism stooge who cannot disrupt their power for the gains of the working class.


It claimed that under Ramaphosa’s leadership, the ANC government will never act against the interests of “white monopoly capital.”

The party added that Ramaphosa “is not clean, transparent or ethical.”

Ramaphosa is a greedy billionaire whose survival is based on tax avoidance, profit shifting and tax-based erosion that he participated in as a board member of Lonmin.


EFF claimed that CR17 donors have expectations, control policy behind the scenes, and in some cases, get appointed to public positions.

It gave the example of Maria Ramos, who was recently appointed to the board of the Public Investments Corporation (PIC).

The party raised concern that one of the donors, Johnny Copelyn, is the owner of eNCA.

It cited this as an example of how “media capture” promotes “white monopoly capital” interests.

According to EFF, Ramaphosa no longer has moral authority because he is “an unethical, shady and dishonest man.”

It repeated its demand that the president must disclose all his CR17 donors as well as possible conflicts of interest.

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