Ntsiki Mazwai spoils Miss SA party: ‘Well done patriarchy, you won’

South Africa had barely begun celebrating Zozibini Tunzi’s crowning moment as Miss South Africa 2019 before poet Ntsiki Mazwai spoiled the party.

In a tweet on Friday afternoon, Ntsiki criticised the pageant for being an event for women to “compete to be better looking than other women.”

She seemed to suggest that the pageant promotes patriarchy in the way it objectifies women.

Ntsiki’s tweet sparked intense debate among Twitter users. For most of them, she was simply being “negative” about something yet again.

One tweep said the contestants entered the pageant because they wanted to, not because of patriarchy.

For another tweep, it’s ironic for Ntsiki to criticise a Miss South Africa pageant that has produced a winner she has always advocated for – one with natural beauty.

Some observers opined that Ntsiki knows how to “prove her power” over others by getting them “enraged.”

However, the poet had some defenders in the midst of all the heat she coped.

One tweep argued that people completely missed the point of Ntsiki’s tweet “because a woman needs to be beautiful to raise an unpopular opinion.”

In Ntsiki’s defence, one tweep compared the requirements for Mr SA and Miss SA to show how the latter “objectifies” women.

Whichever way one looks at it, Ntsiki is being talked about and perhaps, just perhaps, that’s her plan all along.


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