Cell C employee allegedly took woman’s number secretly and contacted her

A concerned woman has revealed how a Cell C employee allegedly took her cellphone details secretly and later contacted her via WhatsApp.

Posting on Twitter on Thursday, Felicity Chauke said she went to a Cell C store to update her cellphone contract in Malelane, Mpumalanga, in July.

She was surprised to receive a WhatsApp message a few weeks later from the employee who had assisted her. It was a man.

According to screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation, the man appeared to profess his romantic attraction to her.

However, Chauke expressed her disappointment that he had invaded her privacy.

Went to @CellC Malelane on the 18th of July with my mother to update our contracts and this other guy assisted us, few weeks later booom @CellC I really don’t know how to feel about this! I am very disappointed. In fact angikho right nje!

Felicity Chauke

Cell C reacted to Chauke’s tweet, saying it viewed the alleged incident in “serious light.”

The company undertook to get more details while addressing the matter internally.

Cell C sees this in a very serious light. We have reached out to @chauke_gcina for more detail. While we’re awaiting the customer’s response, we are also addressing this matter through internal channels.

Cell C on Twitter

Chauke’s tweet has sparked an intense debate on Twitter. Many tweeps praised her for exposing the alleged invasion of her privacy.

@HumanlyAwkward tweeted, “I hope they dismiss him and if he ever comes to your house get the cops. Men need to learn boundaries.”

Others however felt Chauke could have handled the situation differently.

But really girl, you could’ve just blocked him. He liked you and the only way he could talk to you is by getting your number from the system – you were with your mom so I understand why he didn’t ask for them then. Don’t be that girl hle.


The debate continues to trend on Twitter.

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