Cassper scoffs at hip hop top 50 list that doesn’t include him

Image credit: Twitter/Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has expressed surprise that a fan’s list of top 50 hip hop artistes in South Africa doesn’t include him.

The fan, who calls himself “gucci,” posted his “subjective” list on Twitter on Wednesday.

It’s topped by Nasty C, with A Reece, Shane Eagle, The Big Hash and Khuli Chana completing the top 5.

My subjective SA Hip Hop top 50 based on skill, when I say ‘Skill’ it means a combo of ‘bars’ ‘delivery’ ‘song writing’ if you disagree, don’t criticise, just post yours, it really is that simple. [Sic]

Twitter user gucci

On Thursday, Mufasa couldn’t help but share his surprise at his exclusion from the list.

Damn. I ain’t make the list at all papi? I understand, I’m probably number 51. lol.

Cassper Nyovest

As usual, these Twitter streets can get pretty uncomfortable.

Some tweeps agreed with the list and suggested that Cassper is more of a Kwaito artiste. Ouch.

Auster Chamba replied, “I’m sure on the Kwaito artistes list you’re on number 1.”

Nevertheless, some fans came to Mufasa’s defence, arguing that he couldn’t possibly be so successful without top-50 skill levels.

In the end, Cassper said he was simply joking about the whole issue and trolling the author of that list.

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