Mihlali Ndamase gets KFC voucher and ‘all the hungries are shook’

If you’re as influential as Mihlali Ndamase, surely you must live a charmed life.

On Tuesday, the beauty and lifestyle influencer posted about her craving on Twitter, “I’m craving KFC, what must happen?”

By Wednesday afternoon, none other than KFC South Africa had made a plan – a voucher for the Insta celeb.

Talk about living a nice life! The whole affair soon had Mihlali’s name trending on Twitter.

It turned out that some folks were a little upset at KFC (or simply jealous?) over the matter.

Some joked that it’s actually their KFC Add Hope charity donations that went into Mihlali’s free meal.

@Stunnah100 tweeted, “We been adding Hope at KFC just so Mihlali can get a meal.”

Mihlali’s charmed life got some tweeps a little wishful.

Well, Mihlali can pull it off because she’s a heavyweight on these social media streets.

In fact, she was recently included in a global Instagram influencer rich list that has the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

She reportedly charges a whopping R25,000 per Instagram post to her 760,000 followers.

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