Anele Mdoda goes full blast on Phat Joe: ‘He’s so obsessed with me’

Media personality Phat Joe sparked a fierce Twitter blowback from fellow media personality Anele Mdoda on Wednesday morning.

In his morning radio show, Phat Joe threw shade at Anele’s inclusion on the Miss SA pageant judging panel.

He seemed to suggest that she was there “just to fill up the numbers.”

However, Anele isn’t one to take shade lightly. She immediately fired off a series of tweets with one main message – Phat Joe is obsessed with her.

Phat Joe is so obsessed with me. Like a dog barking at cars that won’t ever stop 🙂 he should concentrate on being at a radio gig longer than 5 min.

Anele Mdoda

The 947 Breakfast Club host threw more shade Phat Joe’s way, questioning why he doesn’t last long at his radio gigs.

She reminded him that she has a history with Miss SA and her beauty doesn’t affect how she sees beauty in others.

Yho – and she challenged him to say that “stuff” to her face. Need a boxing ring, guys?

Well, the whole situation became a roast of Phat Joe, to say the least.

Fans react

Fans of both celebs joined in on the beef and had plenty to say.

Some felt Phat Joe doesn’t really give a hoot what anybody says about him and Anele was therefore speaking to a wall, basically.

For others, however, Phat Joe picked the wrong person to beef with.

Ayi Phat joe must also choose his twar buddy’s wisely!! If they can end you in one tweet, rather leave it.


For some tweeps though, the whole thing felt like staged drama to hype up Miss SA.

Nothing like a celeb beef to fire up your morning. Is it ever too early for popcorns? Seemingly no…

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