Woman who shared photo of herself with Ramaphosa laments ‘hate and prejudice’

A local woman who shared a photo of herself posing with President Cyril Ramaphosa on Twitter was unprepared for “hate and prejudice” from trolls.

On 31 July, Aimée Kirker posted the snap with the president along with the caption:

Ran into President Ramaphosa this morning. He wished me luck for my new job tomorrow – it can only go well from here. What a surreal moment and what a lovely chat.

Aimée Kirker

It turns out that some Twitter users didn’t exactly share her “surreal moment” and had some rather unpalatable things to say.

After enduring trolls for about a week, Kirker today shared how “one of her happiest moments” was turned on its head.

I shared one of my happiest moments here. And it became a scary learning experience about hate, prejudice and insular thinking. Which thrives on this platform.

We have seen how the US and UK have been manipulated by hate and lies on social media. Similar efforts underway in other countries. Let’s not fall into the same trap.

Aimée Kirker

Some of the replies to her photo played on the fact that she’s white.

Only white people gets jobs, since his presidency blacks are losing their jobs left right centre.

Kgomo Ya Maphoto

It’s not about you, people are just frustrated and the fact that he wouldn’t have posed with you if you were some black girl asking for a picture, those who surround him wouldn’t let some young black woman near him, I think they annoyed cos they see this as ‘white privilege.’

Mkabayi kaJama

Kirker later posted a photo of Ramaphosa posing with other women to dispute the claim that he only posed with her because she’s white.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t all bad for Kirker, as several Twitter users came to her defence.

Aimée don’t worry about trolls, don’t be discouraged to share your successes and your happy moments in this platform. Just block & mute.

Charlotte Khumalo

Hi Aimée, I don’t know you but from these 2 tweets I feel you have are a very good person at heart and in general! I hope the beautiful & happy moment you experienced continues to resonate to you and your life and thank you for sharing it with us (me). I hope for you strength.


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