Redi Tlhabi to internet trolls crossing the line: ‘I’ll serve legal papers’

Media personality Redi Tlhabi isn’t taking online threats and intimidation lightly.

In a tweet posted late on Monday, she warned online trolls who cross the line with threats and defamation that she would take legal action.

Trolls are fine. Amusing. But those who cross line with threats & defamation, mark this tweet.

I will share with you how easy it was, through legal means, to identify them, find their work places, contact their bosses, serve legal letters & watch FIREWORKS. One fool at a time.

Redi Tlhabi

The popular talk show host has reportedly experienced threats from social media trolls over the past few weeks.

Much of it has apparently come from supporters of former President Jacob Zuma following his appearance at the State Capture Commission in July.

In his opening statement, Zuma claimed that Tlhabi is being used by the “enemy” to write books and make movies about him.

In one instance, Tlhabi was able to get one Twitter account suspended for threatening her and her family with physical harm.

Tlhabi has now signalled that she’ll go much further than simply reporting accounts to Twitter.

Her decision has sparked plenty of debate among tweeps. Some fully supported her move.

Pity the trolls don’t realise when trying to get a job the companies actually check your social feeds to see what type of person you are. Hunt down the trolls, name and shame them woop woop.

Twitter usr Paula M.

So people want to troll in peace with no consequences… more personalities should take this route. Cyber bullying has become a norm. Everyone wants to be savage; try and explain that to your boss.

Twitter user Ukhanki

However, others weren’t so understanding and suggested that many of these trolls actually don’t have formal jobs.

Try by all means to protect your diminished standing as a woman. Unethical and heavily compromised. You’ll end up serving thousands of those letters. Just fix yourself, uzoba lovely.

Twitter user Bayanda Gumede

Lmfao but Redi, they’re already unemployed mos or you mean you’ll get them evicted from their homes (Call the breadwinner)?

Twitter user E Bolokiloe

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