J’Something wrote his wife a song while on tour and it’s absolute feels

Singer J’Something has reminded his fans just how beautiful love can get.

The Mi Casa lead crooner took to Instagram over the weekend to share a video of himself singing a song his wrote his wife a while back – and it’s total feels.

In a caption he shared along with the video, J’something said he was on tour and missing his wife Coco when he wrote the song.

I found this video I sent to my wife years ago when I was on tour. It’s a weird thing. I love being on the road performing. But being away from my wife and family is hella hard.

I found this old song I wrote … I was missing home. Today I leave for Portugal again to perform and it’s never easy leaving.


Not only is the gesture sweet, but the song’s lyrics are also totally from the heart:

How do I put pen to paper, when really there’s no way to describe how I feel when she’s by my side;

Hear me, I can do me a favour whilst I do some soul searching inside, deep digging so I can find out how I’m feeling, yeah.

Feels like the sun when it first lights up the day; feels like the rain when it hits down and the earth sips away;

A quench like no other; man, I’m yet to discover a better feeling than being with you; that’s why I hate being far away from you…


Wow! Coco sure is lucky to have a crooner – and an absolute romantic – like J’Something as her hubby.

The sweet video touched J’Something’s including star rapper Cassper Nyovest who commented with fire emojis.

Some fans even wondered why he hasn’t released this song officially because…well, it’s just levels!

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