Fans slam ‘ungrateful’ Cassper Nyovest: ‘Take a first flight to Nigeria’

Image credit: Twitter/Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has got his South African fans fuming on social media over his comments about local artistes not getting as much support as Nigerian ones.

It all started with tweets he posted late last week about the matter.

He lamented that “we would rather fight amongst ourselves and cut down our airplay to cut the reach.”

In another tweet, Mufasa went as far as wishing he was from Nigeria because “they celebrate their music.”

This latter tweet seems to have particularly upset his fans in Mzansi. They accused him of being ungrateful.

Mara Cassper really is ungrateful hey. 20 000 people filled up the dome and multiple other stadiums around our beautiful country and he’s whining about not being supported

Palesa Modingwane

Some even asked Cassper to go to Nigeria and fill up stadiums there.

Cassper is ungrateful after all SA fans have done to build his Fill Up and brand. Just buy a ticket broer take a first flight to Nigeria. He must also host his next fill up in Lagos.


It wasn’t all criticism for Cassper, though. Some fans supported his views and said he has been misunderstood.

Cassper only represented facts based on numbers of support. 3M views on youtube for music in SA is an achievement while Naija and Kenya makes 20M. Come on stop feeling sensitive Mabenas. You roast Bafana but cannot take jabs?


Nigerian hip hop star Ice Prince also came to Cassper’s defence.

Africans Love #SouthAfrica And will always hold the country up and high up forever !!!!! We just need The same Love back with no comparisons, Generalism or divisions in any form or shape and Everything will be Nice @casspernyovest You are as Nigerian as i am South African. [Sic]

Ice Prince

Despite the fan meltdown, Cassper isn’t showing any remorse. In fact, he’s moving right along.

Well, as they say, any publicity is good publicity. People are talking about Cassper and that has to be good for him, right?

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