Social media in stitches as ‘Jesus’ surfaces in Kenya, visits church

Image credit: Twitter/SADC News

Mzansi social media is in sixes and sevens after photos and videos surfaced showing “Jesus Christ” in Kenya.

A Kenyan pastor reportedly found the man claiming to be Jesus and brought him to a Nairobi church about a week ago.

Apparently, the church’s congregation actually believed the man was the messiah and was super excited.

A video showed the white man, who was dressed in a white robe with a blue cloth fastened across his body, dancing with the jubilant congregation.

He had long hair and a beard – just like the typical depiction of Jesus in religious books or films.

Another video showed the man riding in an SUV, waving to curious people as he was driven through a street.

A man introduced him in Kiswahili as “Jesus Christ” through a loudhailer.

Several photos also showed “Jesus” preaching in church and posing for photos with congregants.

Some reports identify the man as Michael Job, who plays Jesus at a theme park in Florida, United States. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Nevertheless, social media users expressed disbelief that people could actually believe he is Jesus.

So like those other people just legit believe that their pastor found Jesus walking on the streets of Kenya??

Twitter user @turwinaa

A Kenyan attempted to set the record straight, claiming that the man was just on an evangelical mission.

He is an actor with TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). He plays Jesus in movies by the network. He also doubles up as a pastor.

Currently, he is in Kenya for evangelisation work in crusades & schools. He’s not a scammer. Stop tweeting for likes & retweets.

Nahashon Kimemia

Nevertheless, the snaps and videos have generated considerable debates that are likely to persist for some time.

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