EFF’s African appeal: Liberia and Zimbabwe represented at #EFFTurns6

Image credit: Twitter/Economic Freedom Fighters

Since its formation, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has inspired the formation of similar political parties in other African countries.

Two of these parties, Zimbabwe’s EFF and Liberia’s EFF, have sent representatives to EFF’s 6th anniversary rally being held in Mpumalanga.

EFF Zimbabwe’s delegation is led by its national chairperson Shelton Chiyangwa.

In a video message shared on EFF’s social media pages, he and his fellow delegates congratulated EFF on its anniversary.

EFF Liberia’s “commander-in-chief” Emmanuel Gonquoi is leading his delegation and they similarly wished EFF the best on its anniversary.

The solidarity shown by the two delegations has warmed the hearts of EFF supporters across social media.

Some even referred to EFF as “an African liberator.” Others hoped that there would soon be EFF-run governments in multiple African countries.

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