Rihanna stunned by little girl who looks just like her: ‘Almost drop my phone’

Image credit: Twitter/Rihanna

As one of the world’s most talented and popular songstresses, Rihanna has probably seen it all and nothing much surprises her.

One thing however stunned the wits out of her recently – a young girl who looks, really looks, like a mini-Rihanna.

The megastar posted a snap of the unnamed lookalike on Twitter and described just how surprised she was at their resemblance:

Almost drop my phone. How?


The pic has gone viral, gobbling up more than half a million likes and 63,000 retweets.

It prompted some hilarious replies, including one that suggested a biological impossibility.

A commenter replied that the young girl has been sent to drop a Rihanna album since Rihanna isn’t dropping one at the moment.

An album is literally what Rihanna’s fans are hankering after. One said it’s taking long because she had a child.

Well, perhaps Riri will soon drop that album – the pressure is so massive even a Rihanna lookalike won’t make it go away.

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