Corruption allegations denting ANC’s campaign – Mbalula

Image credit: Twitter/MyANC

ANC’s Head of Elections Fikile Mbalula has admitted that persistent allegations of corruptions dogging ANC leaders are denting the party’s campaign.

In a media briefing on Monday, Mbalula said an internal party survey revealed that South Africans felt that ANC isn’t acting firmly on such allegations. He added:

We ourselves know there is still a lot to do. There are many things which could have been avoided, but we are keen to change things.

Fikile Mbalula

The inclusion of some leaders alleged to be corrupt or incompetent in the ANC’s list to Parliament has sparked public debate about the party’s commitment to ethical leadership.

Mbalula said the list is “not cast in stone” and could still change depending on the recommendations of the ANC’s integrity committee.

What we will not do is shy away from issues that have implications on the integrity of the ANC, but we will not victimise people.

Fikile Mbalula

The ANC is battling to redeem its perceived image as a party riddled with corruption.

As Current Affairs ZA earlier reported, a poll by Institute of Race Relations found that over 65% of national voters feel the phrase “is corrupt” best describes the ANC.

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